Keratin is applied to the 360 frontal lace closure

In Brazilian straightening or non-chemical treatment, an answer created with Keratin is applied to the 360 frontal lace closure then sealed making use of a 450 diploma flat iron. This product traps in humidity and hydrates the hair leaving it lustrous and smooth wanting. This keratin cure is identified to possess no side results and can make the hair strong and wholesome. This is a temporary straightening procedure and lasts for two to four months. You might have to use only sodium chloride free or sulfate totally free shampoos and conditioners to clean the hair after the therapy to stay away from the salt content from stripping the keratin.

There is certainly lot of talk regarding the formaldehyde content in keratin remedy and several hesitate to just take this cure as a result of this reason. Brazilian hair extensions performs very best on chemically taken care of hair due to the fact the cuticles are open up as all substances will raise the PH levels from the hair and which is what opens the cuticles and this enables the keratin to penetrate into the hair shaft.Formaldehyde is really a colorless and pungent gas that may irritate the eyes and lungs if your fumes are inhaled. But off late lots of reputed brands have arrive out with formaldehyde absolutely free hair treatment options which are unquestionably risk-free to use.


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